Visiting the Libraries

Visitor Guide

Welcome to Sante Medical College Library. This guide is designed to help you during your visit to Sante Medical College Library. The primary purpose of this guide is to give basic information to our visitors. Access to some resources and services is reserved for the Sante community. This is based on its major objective that access to the Libraries will be restricted and no other users will be permitted to utilize our services unless otherwise special consideration is made. However, the librarians are at your service. By the way, this information is correct at the time of printing, however, it may change in the future.

The general view about the Library

Sante Medical College Library is a college that graduate Medical Doctors in the field of Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Medicine, and Public Health officer to satisfy the demand of high medical professionals for the Health Sector. The Library work on providing access to digital and print information resources in its collections. The Library staff provide the answer to any inquiries regarding the Library face to face or by telephone.  

Everyone is welcome to visit our library as long as he /she feels it will fulfill his/her visit plan.  

About the Library Map


Visitor requirement:

Visitors before their arrival should consider the following cases:-

  • Because of COVID -19, Library requests its users to wash their hands and wear a face Mask
  • Visitors are required to have any type of I.D. Card but Valid and renewed
  • Silence your phone and no food or drink
  • If personal visit he/she must get permission by contacting the college management
  • If it’s from a Government organization, Institution, Non-Government Organization, Educational Institution, etc. , they should  contact  the College Management  by requesting through e-mail, letter, or telephone 
  • Bringing Food, beverages and drinks are not allowed
  • Silence cell phones and other electronic devices.
  • All Library visitors are required to comply with the library rule and regulations.

Inside the Library

The Sante Medical College direction is a source to the Library as the Library is within the college. When you enter the Main Library on the ground floor, the different wings of the library will be described.

  1. Using the Checkpoint desk as the reference point, in front of the desk, you will find the Circulation desk. This is a place where you find reserve books, government documents that are reserved by Academic staff. These reserve materials are not permitted for loan (photo circ desk )

Directly to its left side is:

  1. Reading area: where users read books to loan for short period or their materials.
  2. Display area: Where new arrivals the Library received are displayed
  3. Re-Shelving area: Where books are shelved based on major sub-subject areas within the broad subject medicine. The shelves found around the study area and label available at the end of the bookshelf
  4. Upstairs on the top of the desk study area but with restriction. This means no materials will be taken to this area except for a laptop, smartphone, tablet, and mobile.
  5.  There are desktop computers accessed only for educational purposes. All e-books downloaded are  uploaded  on the server and on each desktop to be accessed by users 

Library hours

The Sante Medical College’s opening hours are adjusted according to the requirements of the academic year. The opening hour in local time is:-

  •  Monday to Saturday: 2:00 in the morning up to  3:oo in the evening
  • Sunday: 2:00 in the morning up to  12:00 Noon
  • The Libraries are closed on public holidays

    The libraries are open to visitors during the daytime (2:00 in the morning up to 11;00 Afternoon in local time. Office hour. Please note that the exact hours vary slightly between term time and the college holidays.

Collection Types the Library has:

  • Print books: -All medical books relevant to what the programs College offers Classical books to add up knowledge or broaden the area of knowledge of our users.
  • Journals:- Local and International journals 
  • E-books: Downloaded from different titles concerning programs offered by the College.
  • E-Journal Articles: Articles are downloaded from different peer-reviewed popular international and national journals.
  • Magazine and Newspapers: Magazines like Reader Digest, Time, The Economist, and newspaper reporter are available.

Look at the labels at the end of the bookshelf. 

Use these labels to locate which bookshelf the user-selected book is on. The labels typically contain a range of letters and numbers of Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), for example,617.63/ZAR/2013. If the selected book’s call number falls within the range, then the user can begin looking through that bookshelf.

Journals are also shelved and labeled inboxes. Similarly, the thesis of graduate students is classified and labeled similar to books and shelved separately.

Santé Medical College is well equipped with respect to training facilities, resources, academic staff and administrative personnel. We are confidently announcing that we are rendering different programs at both under- and postgraduate levels.