Skill Laboratories

Skill labs are educational facilities that have the potential benefit for undergraduate and postgraduate Medical, Dental and Other health students. They provide a safe and protected environment in which the learner can practice clinical skills with the opportunity for hands-on practice with anatomical models and simulators before applying skills in real life situations, preparing them for better practice in the workforce.

These skills labs help to ensure that all students acquire the necessary techniques and are properly assessed before practising on real patients. In addition, they support the acquisition, maintenance and enhancement of the clinical skills of students in the healthcare profession.

Clinical skills acquisition is an important aspect and bridge between gaining procedural knowledge and clinical competence. Those skill labs offer a ‘mistake forgiving’ training environment.

Since Skill is one of the focusing area (Quality, Skill, Life skill, Research and community service) of Santé Medical College, it has around eight (8) well organized and equipped skill labs for each department separately and fully equipped central skill lab for both undergraduate and postgraduate students by aiming to create competent students in the possession & application of knowledge, attitudes and skills to perform work activities to the standard expected in the workplace.


Santé Medical College is well equipped with respect to training facilities, resources, academic staff and administrative personnel. We are confidently announcing that we are rendering different programs at both under- and postgraduate levels.