Quality Assurance

Santé Medical College believes that maintaining quality is a key for excellence. Thus, we strive for continuous improvement. It is up to each institution to develop its own quality culture and to put in place policies, strategies and systems adapted to its situation, mission, context and ambition. Higher Education Institutions’ quality assurance mechanisms have to satisfy the expectations of their clients and stakeholders and also their proper needs.

Quality of higher education can be described as the degree to which the education meets and satisfies the client’s needs and demands. It is an all-embracing term referring to an ongoing, continuous process of the quality of a higher education system, institutions, or programmes. As a regulatory mechanism, quality assurance focuses on both accountability and improvement, providing information and conclusions through an agreed upon and consistent process and well-established criteria. 

Quality is delivered through performance and improvement. This is the basic assumption of the system of quality assurance of teaching and learning in place at Santé Medical College (SMC). Performance is achieved by complying with the performance criteria derived from the Vision, the Mission and the Policy. Improvement is achieved by continuously working towards improving the quality of teaching and learning throughout the organization. Improvements are monitored.

The purpose of quality assurance plan is to direct and facilitate the establishment of quality assurance activities within processes used to deliver right services to the clients. This makes sure of the quality of the services to be delivered. It curves way for enhancement. It also encourages culture of quality within the institution.

We, at SMC, believe that a firm can build a positive reputation for reliability and consistency when it ensures a level of consistent quality in the services it renders. This bolsters customer trust and confidence.

Thus, a Quality Assurance Office has been established since 2019. It is performing the above tasks and is facilitating, overseeing and following up the quality enhancement processes to continuously keep improving in order to attain the excellence we always strive for!

Santé Medical College is well equipped with respect to training facilities, resources, academic staff and administrative personnel. We are confidently announcing that we are rendering different programs at both under- and postgraduate levels.