Library Location & Working Hours

    Location : Sante Medical College has three Libraries. These are:-

  • Main Library which is located at the left side of the basement of the building gate and serves both undergraduate and graduate users. It has a digital area where users access e-resources through WiFi using desk top computers and their lab top or tablets.
  • Graduate Library which is located at the fifth floor and that serves graduate users
  • LIB 2 which is located at the fifth floor  and that serves undergraduate users


    The Library Working Hours

    Santé Medical College’s Libraries opening hours’ arrangement was based on the requirements of the Academic year. The opening hour in local time is: –

    Monday to Saturday: 2:00 in the morning up to 3:00 in the evening

    Sunday: 2:00 in the morning up to 12:00 evening 

    The Libraries are closed on public holidays



  1. Borrowing Library resources: Giving service Check-In & Check-Out of reserve and other Materials in the collection. Also provide Holds and Renewals assistance.
  2. Library Access and Borrowing Privileges: Only eligible users are allowed to use the library .Eligible users of the library could be students, academic and non-academic staff of the   college and authorized researchers and visitors of Sante’ Medical College.


Ser.  No.      

User Category

Library Pocket

Maximum Borrowing Day



Undergraduate Students





Post  Graduate Students





Fulltime Academic Staff





Fulltime Non-Academic





Authorized Users



Only spot reading

  • Because of COVID-19 seven days permitted .But it is requested by other user , he/she will be asked to return before due date
  1. Overdue fines: Overdue fines are 50 birr per day per item. Users cannot checkout or renew library materials until bills and fines are settled.

Other Fines is for lost library books, users have to pay 200% of the current book price plus handling and delivery charges of birr 200.00 and applicable overdue charges. However, the payment will be effected within a minimum of 15 days after the book is reported lost . Where the price of the lost item is not available , publisher’s or conventionally accepted average price will be applied, Similarly, for loss of library pockets (borrowing tickets ) users have to pay birr 30 .00 per pocket

Copy Center


The Copy Center is committed to offering high quality services at reasonable and competitive prices. 



One of the main reasons most libraries provide access to the Internet is to give their users access to another information resource. Therefore the college library offer internet service through WiFi only for educational purpose .


Collection search through online catalog is not yet established. But for the moment all print collections are available on excel and therefore can be searched using find key whereas e-resources  are available on server and uploaded on all desk top computers found at Main and Graduate Library .


The Collection focuses on medical subject that contains books, documents, periodicals and pamphlets. The collection also has classical materials for Library users to have wider knowledge out of their specialties. 



An electronic resource is  a resource which requires computer access or any electronic product  that delivers a collection of data, be it  referring databases ,  e-books ,  electronic journals, and other multi-media products .These may be delivered on CD ROM, on tape, via Internet and so on. The Library has e-books available on server and uploaded on desk top computers found at Main and Graduate Libraries.


A  Library  is the backbone of any academic institution . It provides well-organized information resources , services and facilities for academic staff , students and researchers in support of the teaching -learning and research processes of an institution.If a library perform well , it is vital to establish standards as guideline for operating library activities using the required services and thus this policy document is intended to show the direction of acquiring and organizing rules   and regulations that are necessary for proper utilization of available information resources in the library


Visitor Guide

Welcome to Sante Medical College Library. This guide is designed to help you during your visit to Sante Medical College Library. The primary purpose of this guide is to give basic information to our visitors. Access to some resources and services is reserved for the Sante community. This is based on its major objective that access to the Libraries will be restricted and no other users will be permitted to utilize our services unless otherwise special consideration is made. However, the librarians are at your service. By the way, this information is correct at the time of printing, however, it may change in the future.

Santé Medical College is well equipped with respect to training facilities, resources, academic staff and administrative personnel. We are confidently announcing that we are rendering different programs at both under- and postgraduate levels.