ICT Service

The ICT Department office is responsible for all information systems development, customization, deployment and continual improvement of the college. It administrates the LAN, website and as well resolving systems issues and maintenance of office electronic and Networks.  College would be wise to join the information age by adopting the technology that has been transforming the world.

Indeed the office suggests different ICT solution in order to facilitate the teaching-learning, administrative, research and community service   duties. As strategic plan of the college the effective utilization of ICT infrastructures and services is must in prospecting academic and administrative tasks of the college. Development and implementation of various systems and services will be accomplished in the near future to take the academic & administration of the university to a higher level. 

Infrastructure & Services Unit

ICT Department is responsible for Network and system administration duties and responsibilities and overall current and future college’s LAN/WAN and communication infrastructure and services planning, assimilation and implementation duties.

Roles and responsibilities

Santé Medical College is well equipped with respect to training facilities, resources, academic staff and administrative personnel. We are confidently announcing that we are rendering different programs at both under- and postgraduate levels.